Working in the Studio with Victoria

These days my main focus lies on recording the songs I wrote in the last months. About twice a week I see my producer Victoria in her Raw Diamond Studios in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. She is not only a magician in the studio, but also a great guitar player and singer.

She plays all bass and lead guitars on my songs and her backing vocals make my songs richer, so I am glad we met! I saw one of Victoria’s shows, we had a good talk and exchanged contact details. I was impressed that she gave up a secure corporate job in Colombia and moved to Mexico to live here as a free lance musician, playing gigs in hotels and bars and producing music.

When I needed a studio to re-record some vocal lines of a song by La Mondanoj, because there was a grammatical error in it, she was the first one I could think of with professional recording equipment. We had a great time re-recording the vocal track of that song. She liked it and my vocal style, which flattered me, as she is an amazing singer herself.

When I wrote my first Mindful Music song Be Proud!, it was obvious to record it with her. I am very happy with her production (the song will be published soon, so let me know if you like it as much as I do!) so when I wrote more songs, it was clear that she would be my producer for them as well. As I will only stay in Playa del Carmen for a few more weeks, we try to finish as many songs as we can. Please also check out her songs on Spotify, she rocks!

Lunch break during a studio session