Our Final Recording Session

Yesterday I had the final recording session with Victoria Villanueva in Mexico before leaving to Europe. We recorded vocals, percussion and bass guitar for one song and vocals and sound effects for another.

In the last weeks we recorded eight songs which I will publish one after the other through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc. in the next months: four rock songs, a ballade, a funky track, a Ska and a Bossa Nova.

Victoria never played bass on a Bossa Nova track before and it was quite a challenge for her to find the right notes for all those complicated Jazz chords, but in the end she managed very well. I then added vocals and a bit of percussion using a tea bag box and a pen.

We had a lot of fun in the last weeks, and we really complemented each other. We figured out all arrangements, harmony vocals, drum patterns, bass and lead guitar lines together from scratch. It was the best musical cooperation I have ever experienced!

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