My First Number One!

Today, my Reggaeton ‘Bitcoin Beach’ has reached the top of the charts of, the decentralised alternative to Spotify.

I recorded this song in December 2021 in Buenos Aires with my friend Julio Kladniew. This was after I had visited El Salvador for the first time, when it was the host country of the Latin American Bitcoin Conference.

I was at Bitcoin Beach twice during my visit, and I got so inspired by this place, which has triggered the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in the whole country, that I wrote this song on the flight from San Salvador to Buenos Aires, without even having a guitar with me.

President Nayib Bukele at Labitconf 2021

Julio, with whom I had worked on my many film soundtracks before, arranged it as a Reggaeton. I sang it and played the funky guitar part on an acoustic guitar.

Back in Playa del Carmen I shot the music video with Denise Valois and Elena Palencio dancing and Luis Corona doing the camera work. So it was not shot at the real Bitcoin Beach, but at the Mexican Caribbean, which is actually more beautiful, although if it has not turned Mexico into a Bitcoin country yet.

The video got some views on YouTube and the song can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and other streaming platforms, when it was first published in February 2022. At that time I didn’t do much for it, as music was not my main activity back then.

A friend of mine told me about, a new streaming platform based on decentralised technology. Musicians can earn Satoshis there when listeners like a song and give voluntary payments via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. So I uploaded my old Bitcoin song to try it out.

After coming home from a Bitcoin Halving Party in Málaga, I checked the site and was surprised that Bitcoin Beach was topping its charts! Of course it is much easier to reach that on a young, small service, especially with a song about Bitcoin. But it’s a start and I am very happy about it!

Please check out, and if you like my song, feel free to tip it with some Satoshis! This song is not exactly part of my Mindful Music series, but it is about freedom, so it fits.