Mindful Music?

Performing with Victoria Villanueva

I chose the term Mindful to describe my music, as it’s about the positive power that we all have in our minds. I could have called it Spiritual Music, but my songs don’t sound very spiritual. Most of them are rockers, some are influenced by Ska, Funk or Bossa Nova – no mantras or chanting!

They all have uplifting lyrics about topics that I find important. The lyrics really mean a lot to me – and I hope they resonate with you as well!

I wrote the first songs of this type from December 2023 to February 2024 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, which is a place where everyone seems to be looking for some spiritual development, be it through breathwork, tantra, sound healing, ancient Mayan ceremonies or other methods.

I have nothing against that, but I personally focus on Buddhist meditation, which I have been practising for several years. I assume that some insights from this have found their way into my songs, although they are not “Buddhist songs” in the direct sense. The feedback I have received to them so far is very positive. I publish one song per month through music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon and I am looking forward to getting your reactions to them!

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