My Background

I’m originally from Hamburg, the city where the Beatles became a very tight live band by playing for many hours every night in seedy clubs in the city’s red light district. Now I’m a nomad, living in different places around the world.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was twelve years old. I had my first band when I was sixteen and wrote my first songs back then. It helped that it was a punk band as punk rock has the wonderful DIY motto “learn three chords, form a band and get on stage”.

Fähnlein Fieselschweif with Andreas Dorau (I am on the right)

With my next band Fähnlein Fieselschweif I didn’t even play any chords but just made atonal noises on my guitar. However, we published two singles and played as the supporting act of our Neue Deutsche Welle heroes Palais Schaumburg in sold out venues.

Later I learned some more chords, especially when I lived in Brazil and recorded Bossa Nova classics I translated into Esperanto. Having mentioned Esperanto: with the downfall of New German Wave I got tired of singing in German and started writing songs in that beautiful international language created in 1887.

La Mondanoj playing a concert in Hungary.

With my Esperanto rock band La Mondanoj (“The World Citizens”) I played at Esperanto festivals in Hungary and Poland (when both countries where still communist), as well as in Germany and France. We also played in regular music clubs in Berlin and Hamburg for non-Esperanto-speaking audiences. We dissolved La Mondanoj to focus on our careers and families a long time ago, but revived the band in 2023. Here you can listen to our song La Junularo de Hodiaŭ, which has been voted Esperanto song of the year by the worldwide Esperanto community.

Our song “La Junularo de Hodiaŭ”

I paused playing in bands and making music for some time, especially as I became quite active in the Internet and Bitcoin business. Read more about my activities around Bitcoin here. I just wrote and published some songs occasionally, mostly about Bitcoin and Blockchain stuff. Here are a few music videos about that side of my musical activity.

“Bitcoin Beach”, produced by Julio Kladniew.
“Blockchain Eternity”, produced by Julio Kladniew.
The “Labitconf Song” unplugged with Steph Ferrera

In 2024 I decided to go full in on music, as I believe that I can reach and touch many people in a positive way with my new songs. I’m neither a guitar virtuoso nor a very technically gifted singer, but I don’t think that matters much. I’m a pretty solid rhythm guitarist and my voice is just right for my kind of music. Maybe it’s because of my limited musical skills that people find my songs catchy, as they are simple and straightforward.

In this video I also talk about my musical background

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